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Interview with
Biggi Renner


W o r l d   o f   F r a g r a n c e


Création de Parfum stands for uniqueness und exclusiveness of fragrance on natural basis.

   Do you also know transient experiences which enchant us? Wir snuffle a marvellous scent and visionary connotations come up. For moments we are moved to another world. Who has not ever the dream yet to wear a fragance which is only created for yourself?

   Fragrances express joy of life and senses. Création de Parfum produces elegance und liveliness with precious single creations for interested people beyond mass perfumery.

   Each creation is an unicum and consists of worthwhile, purely natural essences.

   Along with Grasse, Paris und Florence Munich is the first address for exquisite perfume.
   Betake yourself as a fragrance seeker on an exciting journey, to design together with us a special, tailor-made fragrance - only for you.

   A perfume is like a cloth we love wearing. Its interpretation is reserved to everyone, so that finally the world of fragrances will always remain a mystery.

   We want you to enchant and to dive into a wonderful world of scents.

   Certainly as well an exceptional present for persons who concern to you.

   Do you have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to you!


© 2006-2022 by Biggi Renner


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