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Biggi Renner
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   Each person has his own personality wich also should be revealed in fragrance. Individual compositions of fragrance give you an unique emanation.

   The fragrances are produced of essential oils which have a special virtue on human beings as well. Lavender for instance is appreciated for its comforting effect. As much as posssible the oils have organic quality

   The creation of a fragrance basis upon a personal conversation or the information of person from a special developed evaluation form for the individual fragance profile.

   The making of Eau de Parfum (50 ml) costs 380 €, adding the prices of the essential oils wich can be very different. Particular preciousnesses are for example rose, jasmine and iris. Regarding possible variations we like to advise you.
   As base price for the ingredients we demand 30 € per order wich is according to our experience in most cases adequate. All prices include VAT plus shipping.

   You want additionally a massage oil and/or bodylotion with this fragrance. We like to make it for you.

   The recipy of each fragrance will be saved. But, however over the time our personality changes, so that it is recommended to prove, if the pattern of fragrance is still harmonious.

   Indulge yourself and take time for a special creation. Order comfortablely on internet or make a personal appointment in Munich and dail +49 (0)89 27 37 30 60.


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